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Lotus Vinyl Folding Doors are designed for almost all interiors. Each door individually made to your needs and specifications.

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Concertina Folding Door have a clean, modern look and quality finish that makes them appear to blend in to any location.

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Designed with ease of operation in mind, Lotus acoustic doors meet the rigorous compliance requirements of the educational sectors & workplaces alike.

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Buy Our Australian Made Lotus Doors - Acoustic, Timberline, Vinyl & Folding Walls

We are the new industry-leading, accredited supplier of the quality folding from the Australian manufacturers – Lotus Doors.

We are totally committed to delivering the best services to homes, businesses, educational establishments, and administrative facilities all across Australia.

We bring a fresh new approach to that market that the industry needs Рreliable service, fast delivery and a caring after-sales support. 

A Certified Supplier Of Australian-made Lotus Folding Doors

We are a certified supplier of folding doors made by Lotus, in Australia.

You can order all of their product lines through us.

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We offer customisable, made-to-measure to fit any space you need, we have Lotus folding doors and walls for whereever you live, work, learn and play:

  • Acoustic folding doors for teaching areas
  • Caravan folding doors
  • Room dividers for the home
  • Commercial folding doors for workplaces
  • Folding walls for offices
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Vinyl cloth folding doors
  • Timberline folding doors
  • Lotus sliding doors
  • Laundry folding bi-fold doors
  • Lotus acoustic doors

We will supply you with whatever you need to match the style of your surroundings, that meets your specific needs and matches the budget you have. Lotus Doors are 100% Australian-owned and manufactured. Their products are also marketed as bi-fold doors, concertina doors and room dividers. All made for both straight and curved tracking, depending on your needs.

Transform Any Space With Lotus Doors

Lotus Doors offer an attractive and affordable range of solutions to increase the functionality of any space, regardless of its size and for whatever the purpose, it gives you control of how you use a space.

Folding Doors can provide you with advice on the correct range of folding doors and wall to make the most your space.

Not only can these doors efficiently divide any space, they also provide effective soundproofing solutions for where you:


  • Room dividers
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Caravans
  • Laundry doors


  • Government premises
  • Open plan office
  • Company boardrooms
  • Shared workspaces


  • Schools
  • Church halls
  • Lecture areas
  • Childcare centres


  • Libraries
  • Live music venues
  • Theatres
  • Museums¬†

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Looking to transform your space?

The Environmental Benefits Of Folding Doors

Lotus Doors and folding walls are an excellent way to block off an unused area. This reduces the need to maintain the room temperature the whole space – warmth in winter or cooling in summer.

This means that the energy is saved by heating and air-conditioning bills all year round, saving you money.

Lotus Doors Are Easy to Install

Lotus Doors are easy to install, by simply following the DIY installation instructions we supply, they are put in place quickly.

But remember, our team here at Folding Doors is always on hand to help you with any installation help that you need so if you feel you need help at any time.